AR mobile dating simulation game

October 2017-January 2018 - Group project

3DS Max unity PS AR Kit

Augmented reality game application project in a Japanese team

This was the biggest project of the semester I spent studying at Kyoto Seika University. With a team of 4 Japanese students, we worked on the idea of having a dating simulator that lets the user meet a boy. It makes a change in today's dating sim market where most games contain female characters.

With this fun but not-so-easy idea, I had the role of the Unity developer. There were three big challenges for me: learning to use ARKit, becoming more skilled with Unity and communicating within a team of almost non-English speakers. We ultimately found ways to understand each other and create a nice, functioning working atmosphere. Of course, I also helped with the interface and general design of the game.

Teammates: Inagaki-kun, Kawaguchi-kun, Kimura-kun, Nishii-san