RA robot costumisation application

March-June 2018 - Group project

AR unity figma

Promoting a collaborative robot made by the company e-cobot through an augmented reality app

This project was made in collaboration with e-Cobot, a collaborative robot maker company. We were tasked with thinking of a way to present their latest robot, the Husky, to future clients. This robot follows workers in warehouses to help them carry items. It also has the ability to evolve autonomously while integrating different accessories.

We quickly went towards augmented reality to bring the robot into any presentation environment with ease. Personalisation steps have also been incorporated, to allow the e-Cobot company have a better understanding of the expectations of their potential clients. When a Husky is created and submitted, all data produced by the users is sent to e-Cobot for them to analyse. Husky's costumisation is done in 3 steps. First, the hardware configuration; with a sharing of "points" between several categories. This makes the users prioritise their needs. Then, the choice of the main module, according to the desired use. Finally, a choice of colours. Afterwards, the users have the opportunity to test their personalised Husky with a joystick by making it move around their workspace, thanks to augmented reality.

Teammate: Alexandre Deffenain