Educational tablet application for hospitalised children

March-June 2016 - Group project


Teaching children stuck in hospitals what a journalist is with charity "La Plume de Swane"

The Plume de Swane (Swane's Quill) charity offers hospitalised children a monthly magazine in which they can publish drawings get an escape from their everyday life. With the tablet app Apprentis Journalistes (Trainee Journalists), they can become more implicated in the making of the magazine by following lessons about the job and also writing short articles in groups.

For 3 to 4 weeks, following the state of their health, 4 children will be given roles: 2 writers, a photograph and graphic designer. Together, and with the support of real journalists, they will explore a topic, get documentation and write an article for the next issue of the magazine. Thanks to gamification, the more the children participate, the more lessons they will have access to and the more trophies they will earn. Rewarding them is important to make them feel good and confident about the work they do.

Teammate: Louise Gazeau