Exploring the Milky Way in VR

June 2018-February 2019 - Personal work

VR unity 3DS Max ID PS

Personal end-of-studies UX & VR design project

I surrounded myself with astronomy professionals as well as planetarium users to develop this project. Yomi is a virtual reality experience that lets museum visitors alone or in groups control their own spaceship and explore the Milky Way in search for scientific data about exoplanets. I use VR and UX design to create a new narrative, a new mediation. Thanks to interactions, the users will be more concentrated and also will have a better understanding and memorising of the information they collect.

When the experience starts, a short tutorial explains how to use the controllers and the dashboard. Then the users are left to create their own personal discovery and travel to the planets they choose, from a list of available "missions". Once they have chosen a mission, the ship will go auto pilot and arrive in front of the chosen planet. Then, a small model of that very planet will appear onto the dashboard and the user will be able to grab it, pinch it to zoom in and out, shake it, throw it, feel its weight and attraction... Each interaction will reveal one piece of data that will appear on the notepad part of the dashboard; once the current planet's entry is complete and clearly understood, new missions can be chosen by the user and the exploration can go on.